You dont have to hit rock bottom to get a Sober coach

For women who are not at “rock bottom”, but may question their own drinking habits its not always easy to know where to find support or someone to talk to. In NZ for most people, having a “drinking problem” is still pretty much stigmatised and seeking help through CADS or AA considered to be last resort serious

During times of questioning my own drinking there was no obvious help available for “normal” binge drinking types like me who appeared on the surface to be doing just fine. NZ, by the way has a massive culture of binge drinking and recent studies have shown that sadly our young women are now the most “at risk” group.

In the USA the word “recovery” is out there, a word commonly and comfortably used.  Recovery or Sober coaches are increasing in their number, giving support to people questioning their own drinking and also as after care support for those people leaving treatment programs.

Ironically we educate our kids about drug use and the detrimental effects on the developing brain, we teach them about the dangers of drink driving but not so much about the addictive nature of alcohol. As most people socialise and  drink as a normal part of life, alcohol is deemed socially acceptable and not treated in the same realm as drugs even though it is just as addictive and toxic to the body. For those who do develop a reliance on alcohol it is often held in secret, associated with shame and a problem not shared with others.

Not everyone will have a problem with drinking. I know people who literally can have one glass and really do not want another. I believe that you don’t have to hit rock bottom or have a tale of tragedy to choose to live a life without alcohol. I do know that socially it is a challenging thing to do at any age. When I was a teenager, I had a really bad experience and decided that I was going to stay away from drugs and alcohol and just groove on a “natural high”. It didn’t last long as I had no real tools to manage this social disconnect and had no idea how to walk to the beat of my own drum. When I look back I know for sure that I made most of my  bad decisions and did my most stupid and regretful things when under the influence of alcohol. However as a naturally positive person I also recognise that I have been extremely lucky to have got to this point in my life. I have found that teenage girl again and now and we walk together, navigating through life in all its gritty sober reality!

If you need a sober coach then please  get in touch!

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