One size fits one

Last week I listened to a cool and successful woman speaking about the employer experience, taking care of staff and honouring who they are as individuals. The phrase she used  was “one size fits one”, this  totally resonated with me.

We are constantly sold the message that we fall short of some ideal. Often we jump on the bandwagon of the latest diet or exercise craze complete with celebrity endorsement, with the goal of  becoming more like someone else. This works well  as most of us somewhere along the way have learnt that we are not ok as we are. This sense of shortfall is tied up with low self esteem or a low self image.

Booze just loves low self esteem. Often as not a couple of sips of alcohol can fire through the body and cast a warm glow over us, making everything seem just a wee bit better. Another few sips and we become relaxed, feeling benignly content and full of bonhomie, the slightly irritating person we may be stuck talking too is definitely becoming more interesting at this point. After a few more slugs, we are feeling that as well as looking better, we are so much more clever, witty and insightful than we were earlier and so it goes on till we melt into a muddly puddle! The next day we are back to feeling inadequate and often even more so as we deal with the fall out of the night before. “Did I really say/do that?”.

Advertising often  prays on the illusory sense of self that alcohol induces. An event my daughter attended the other night that did just this. The aim was essentially to sell cars. The women invited were greeted with bubbles then the most alluring of cocktails. Swept up in the occasion she happily downed 3 of them and does not remember getting home. Why is there the need to do this to  a group of women? Is it to make them feel they are richer and more capable of bidding more dosh on the charity auctions? Will it get them to bring out the credit cards and buy the cars? Its sad and shameful  that these big money brands will use alcohol this way to make a cold hard sell into a soft, mushy, slushy, drunk thing. But I wonder would people actually go if there was no booze?

Everyone is a unique and precious individual who has their very own DNA and fingerprints! We are enough as we are in this moment. We have our own path to follow and can all grow and learn. I am really excited to see so many women choosing to forge ahead in a life without alcohol and regaining the innate sense of being comfortable in their “one size fits one” skin!


Illustration by Lucy McCarthny

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