Je ne regrette rien

Questions abounding, lost words and belongings, an exhausting feeling and such a waste of precious time. Who recognises this feeling after a night out with too many wines?

One of the many brilliant things about not drinking is that I never have to second guess myself about what I may have said the night before. I remember just about everything. (Note use of just!) This may not sound too exciting to people who have never drunk too much and had a bit of a fuzzy memory or even a complete black out experience, but I find this particular bonus quite pleasing. It took a while to really appreciate this as initially I was more focused on the joy of the easing of anxiety and counting up alcohol-free days. As my mind set began to change I noticed how being “present” and not drinking in social situations also enabled me to actually be able to recall the experience. Confidently recounting conversations and events really do add to ones’s general sense of self-esteem. ┬áRemembering that many of us became self-medicating with alcohol to make up for low self-esteem and anxiety, it’s super cool to be able quickly to experience this positive healing process.

Alcohol has an effect on the transference of information from short term to long term memory. When we have had too much to drink we can remember things for a minute or so then they disappear hence the boring repetitive drunk and not remembering the next day. Yay not me anymore! I may of course be boring and repetitive still but at lease I will know about it and be in charge of it.

I love having a whole lot of free energy to think about positive things rather than reflecting with regret. I have filled some of my new found space and time purposefully practicing appreciation. I wake up, I feel good, I give thanks.

Three times a day, three things to be thankful for. A simple and enriching new habit.

Illustration by Lucy McCarthny

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