Giving up snacking is like giving up Wine

Tomorrow I embark on a new journey. Cutting out snacking and eating just 3 meals a day. As crazy as it sounds, it actually fills me with fear, the thought of restricting my eating to 3 meals and giving up snacks.

I have attempted this before and called it the “3 diet” based on my Mum an amazingly healthy and youthful 85 year old, who never snacks and has just 3 meals a day. I on the other hand have always been a binge eater of sweet treats. It’s hardly surprising really given my former relationship with wine. Science I am sure would would have something to say about this. I know that snacking and sugar consuming are in the camp of my “false friends”. These are things I have held dear but who do not serve me well. So like their cousin wine, they must leave this party.

In preparation for my new way of being, I have devoured most of a packet of chocolate macaroons, which I adore, as a final sweet treat. I feel quite sick as I am awash with sugar and now experiencing the fall. My teeth feel “furry” and I am thirsty. All not good signs . This is what sugar does to my body. I know in the morning my skin will be a bit puffy and I will probably not sleep that well tonight. I can relate much of this behaviour and the feelings to when I was contemplating stopping drinking.

I am a grazer. I eat often when I am not hungry but because I feel bored or am needing distraction. This is often how I felt when I reached for a glass of wine. I want to enjoy my meals and relish eating them because I have real hunger. Most often I have snacked so much during the afternoon that I am never really hungry for dinner. Of course this does not stop me eating the meal or snacking later.

I have a plan and it involves using habit cues. When I feel the need to snack and it feels overwhelming I will do one of three things.

  • Have a cup of tea or coffee or water – this will satisfy the hand to mouth urge and fill the tum with comfort
  • Walk around the block or similar – I don’t associate eating with walking
  • Floss and brush my teeth – a definite signal to stop eating

I was terrified of giving up wine and long before that cigarettes. I have no fear around either of these things now. Something in me is scared of feeling hungry/empty. It could be human survival instinct gone wrong in our crazy abundant world or it could be tied up with why I drank wine.

I am, as the famous book says “feeling the fear and doing it anyway”

Onward and upward!

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