Finding freedom with the whales

Dreams of Sea Creatures

For many years I dreamt of huge sea creatures in the ocean. Initially in these dreams I would feel fear then would realise that there was no need to be frightened. I loved these dreams which I later learned are a link to the things unknown, in my unconscious that I had yet to explore.

A few weeks ago I had a close up encounter in real life with  humpback whales. I experienced these same familiar feelings. The scene was one that filled me with terror, sitting in a small rubber dinghy bobbing about on the deep blue ocean in search of real life huge sea creatures.

The Whale

As I followed the guide and the others over the side into the water, I  realised there was nothing to fear from these beautiful, gentle creatures. We floated on the surface, watching in amazement, while our whale sang his beautiful song and then rose gracefully to the surface to take breath before diving down again. Wonder and majesty overcame the fear and I was left with a deep sense of connection to the mystery and beauty of life.

Quitting Drinking

My decision to not drink alcohol was a bit like this. I was terrified as I didn’t know how I would actually manage myself in the world without my safe little prop. I knew on the surface it was just a liquid in a glass, but one that I had become reliant on to give me confidence; a sense of relaxation, a rest from a busy mind and just a little pick me up treat that I felt I deserved. I could so easily forget that the flip side of this liquid would cause me to feel slow and sluggish, eat more than my body needed, not sleep well and wake up feeling vaguely seedy even after only one or two glasses. In other words it was toxic to my system. I knew things had to change.

Sober Life

I swam into this new world of sobriety and faced situation after situation completely raw and real. It was both challenging and confronting and in time deeply rewarding. I now have a freedom I didn’t have before, I no longer need alcohol. Like floating on the ocean I have a newfound sense of peace, connection and wonder with the world.

Sober Coaching

If you have made the decision to remove alcohol from your life expect to face challenges. These challenges can soon become opportunities. A sober coach will  help you identify your unique strengths to find these opportunities. If you have been thinking about removing alcohol from your life for a time or for longer, then know that the journey is one that is worth taking.

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