Change is possible!

Love who you are!  NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at the Ponsonby Pride Parade

Last evening , cheering from the sidelines, we took part in a wonderful, colourful celebration down Ponsonby Rd. An exhilarating pageant honouring diversity and unconditional love, AKA the Ponsonby Pride Parade.

The message was one of love, of acceptance, of diversity. The energy and joy was palpable! There in the midst of it, not on a float or a pedestal, but down with the people, was our very own pregnant female Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern.

Who’d have thought this would ever be possible?

Firstly such a huge turnout for the parade supported by organisations, educational institutes, business leaders, opposing political parties and thousands of citizens and secondly that we in NZ have an awesome young pregnant, (did I mention that she is pregnant?) female Prime Minister.

Change is possible! Changes are made step by step, building on experience and learning from what has gone before.

If you want positive change in your life then look at what isn’t working. Recognise the repeating non helpful patterns and put in place new ones!

You may start in disbelief, it may seem impossible but looking at the magic of the Ponsonby Pride Parade last night there is no doubt that change can happen both on a global and personal level.

Reach out if you would like some help to make some positive changes!


All you need to do today is show up!

I set off to work early this morning to set up a room for 12 trainees, I was early, prepared and rearing to go. As the clock neared start time and no one had appeared I realised something had gone askew.

Minutes later the Team Leader arrived and due to a mis communication she had not confirmed the training with her new team. She was stressed, upset and had been roasted verbally by a senior.

Her day had not gone well, she had argued with the parking meter for a time before realising it was not working. She hadn’t prepared her team and was last minute trying to contact them. My heart went out to her. Some days this just happens, we stuff up.

All credit to her, she came in stressed and angry blaming everyone else but the cool air conditioning obviously did the trick (we are bathing in 90% humidity right now) she calmed right down. We looked at the situation taking all emotion aside, we came up with a solution and offered a new time for all concerned. I thanked her for showing up.

She left with a smile and thanks, it could have gone the other way very easily. We all have days that start the wrong way, giving in to blame and anger does not help. Taking responsibility for where we are at is half the battle.

All that is required is that we own up and show up 🙂

What is Recovery?

Recovery is the process we go through as we make conscious decisions to leave behind behaviours and habits that are not healthy for us.

Usually these behaviours are hurting us or those around us in some way. They could be over eating; over working, over shopping, over exercising, over drinking, over social media checking, smoking, drug taking, the list goes on. Once we make a decision that we want to stop the behaviour we begin the process of recovery.

Recovery is also reclaiming parts of ourselves that have been lost  or indeed stolen along the way.

The process we go through is a discovery of self, re connecting with parts of us that we have tried to keep quiet and giving ourselves the opportunity to grow and live with authenticity and intention. Its super helpful to have support or find a tribe to hang with when you embark on such a journey.

I have tried (and failed) to give up a ton of things in my life but the one thing that has made the most significant difference was giving up the booze. There is just not one thing I regret about this decision. I feel better both physically and mentally. I believe that whatever state we are in we are all spiritual beings. I have also learnt it is far easier to feel conscious and present when you aren’t numbing and dumbing your mind and body with alcohol.

The Rehabit  Coach project  is providing a supportive future focussed approach to help you with your decision to move forward in life leaving unhelpful habits behind.

Reach out if this sounds like you! 🙂


Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash