About Me

“We are Stronger Together”

I am offering a  service for women who would like a coach/buddy to support them through those first tricky days, weeks or months of choosing  to  set up some new and healthy habits. I am not a therapist or an addiction specialist, just someone who has been through the process, and has experienced the super tricky bits of changing lifestyle habits. I enjoy supporting others trying to navigate their life without the support of a glass of wine at the end of the day or saying no to that extra piece of cake or whatever habit you are trying to break. 

If you are considering your own relationship with alcohol, wanting to have some support through a period of abstinence or considering strategies around cutting down then I am here to help you.

There are free services available that give expert specialist care to alcohol dependant people. If this is  you then  call the Alcohol and Drug helpline 0800 787 798.

You may like to check out some fantastic on line support communities including Living Sober

Based in Auckland, I am a graduate of the  Professional Recovery Coach program through IAPRC at the NET Institute USA. This is alongside 20 years working as a career consultant/coach in a range of industries.

My practice is client centred and sessions can be in person / by email / via skype or phone.

Session Cost

Cost can be discussed at first meeting.


To make contact and take this conversation further,  please fill out the form below or flick me an email  on: